2018 November - December Exposition (Arte km.0), Aramburu Palace (Tolosa): Basque Mythology [Collective]
2018 July - August Expo in the forest (Zaratetxe (Zarate)): Steel and Wood [Collective]
2018 March TXO Exposition (House of culture) (Urretxu): Izinyoni (Birds) [Collective]
2018 February - March Hetxo¡s (Pamplona): Colours [Collective]
2017 September - October Galería Gaudí (Madrid): Masks [Collective]
2017 July, August, September Azken Muga (Azkarate): Bëlit-ilï [Collective]
2017 July Tiriki Tauki (San Sebastian): Tribes of my Mind [Individual]
2017 July Art Fair (Málaga): Selection of works from different collections [Collective]
2017 July Art Fair (Berlin): Masks [Collective]
2017 May - June NoColor Studio (San Sebastian): Izinyoni (Birds) [Individual]
2017 April Casa Cultura Hernani (Hernani): Colours [Collective]
2016 September - October Vetusart (San Sebastian): Masks [Individual]
2016 July Cota 12.0 (San Sebastian): Colours , Sky [Individual]